Author: Delaila Catalino


Color Correcting 101

A majority of us find it difficult to find the right shade to match our skin tone. Color wheels include purples and yellows that leave us perplexed on how to make use of them and…


The Magic of a Rose Quartz

When M3 Glam turned 5 years old back in March a now good friend Jessica of Hell Notes for Beauty became a key source in helping me stay connected to my spirituality, inspire my…

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The Benefits of Coffee

September 29 is National Coffee Day, as if we needed another reason to indulge in the goodness that is a warm cafe con leche there are actually more benefits than you could ever imagine….


There is Such A Thing As a Beauty Twin

  During my morning media scan I came across Allure’s “Who Is Your Beauty Editor Twin?” quiz on their website. I love learning about new products and who are the editors speaking about them so…


Power Hour Lunch Breaks

  Lunch breaks are crucial. Yet many people work through lunch or eat at their desk. Not such a good idea. Studies show you are less productive and are likely to crash midday if…


The Beauty Smoothie

We all know beauty is skin deep. So to keep a healthy complexion on the outside you have to be sure to cleanse inside. This smoothie is perfect for breakfast, lunch or a midday…