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The Benefits of Coffee

September 29 is National Coffee Day, as if we needed another reason to indulge in the goodness that is a warm cafe con leche there are actually more benefits than you could ever imagine….


There is Such A Thing As a Beauty Twin

  During my morning media scan I came across Allure’s “Who Is Your Beauty Editor Twin?” quiz on their website. I love learning about new products and who are the editors speaking about them so…


The Beauty Smoothie

We all know beauty is skin deep. So to keep a healthy complexion on the outside you have to be sure to cleanse inside. This smoothie is perfect for breakfast, lunch or a midday…


2nd annual Curl Fest 2015

Remember last summer when glam girls Delaila and Kiara attended curl fest and made it #glamgirl approved. After raving about how great this event was, there was no way we could miss the 2nd…


When Should You Toss Your Make-up?

You would think being a product junkie would make it easier to toss old make up. Testing and reviewing so much makeup and products makes it easier to accumulate. But we had to realize…