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9 Amazing Uses For Rosewater

Toner: “I most commonly recommend products with rosewater or rosehip oil for acne- and rosacea-prone patients, because it reduces bacteria on skin, decreases inflammation, and simultaneously hydrates and soothes the skin,” says Jessica Weiser, MD, a…


Portion Your Product Use

At times we think more is better when in fact less is more and the right amount allows the product to work as it should. You never really know how much product you should…


Lips Don’t Lie

To have better, kissable lips in 3 simple steps use the following products. Smooth lips help to put on gloss and lipstick with ease with-out clumping or peeling, which does not look good.   Exfoliate….

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My New York Fashion Week Beauty Arsenal

Fashion Week comes and everything become a whirlwind. It seem like one long ongoing day. Although full meals are not frequented and granola bars count for nourishment, during the most busiest week, we can not afford…