About Membership

The number of the Latino population is increasing at an astronomical rate. The success of M3 GLAM’s vision relies on those who value and understand the needs of Latinos, realizing the need for Latino representation in media. What better person to develop these ideals than a Latina herself?! By seeking a strategic approach in a comprehensive way, the Latino market can be targeted correctly, and we can help companies position their products and services so that their messages resonate deeply with Latino consumers. For this reason, more Latinos should be in the position to make these decisions and aim to reach out to the Latino market. This was the vision that lead to the birth of the Young G.L.A.M Network, a mentorship program that is instrumental in bridging the gap between aspiring professionals and those who are already there.

There are many young women who want to pursue careers in media and the entertainment industry and do not know where to begin their research. M3 GLAM wants to help you land your dream job, create a GLAM resume, and finally make your mark in this industry. Join YGN, a growing network compromised of professional women who are experienced and have set out to assist you lay out a foundation through our professional workshops and networking events.You will have opportunities to be paired up with successful women in the media and entertainment industry who hold top positions in well-known companies. If you are interested in joining the Young GLAM Network inquire here.




Have a calling to help? Want to do something positive for a young woman aspiring in a career in the entertainment and media industries? Then being a GLAM Mentor can be just the place for you! You will be an immediate resource to guiding the career path of these young women, while offering mentorship, support, and motivation to those who will come after you in the business world. Be a leader by example, and lend a hand to our Young GLAM members in the pursuit of a an enriching experience. If you organization or company is interested in working with us inquire here.