M3Glam is the publishing platform for The Elite Group LLC., a new kind of public relations consulting company driven by the innovative and creative professionals who are behind each carefully tailored campaign initiative. We offer help in positioning and branding, assistance in communications strategy, media pitch developments, training in Public Relation practices that will last with your business for a lifetime and many other services. The Elite Group LLC., is a professional company that understands the importance of image and what it does. We strive to maintain competitive, dynamic and creative campaigns that quantify high performance results.


As a client of The Elite Group your business is important to us and that’s why we made sure to be as knowledgeable as possible about it. To build a successful PR campaign we do what is necessary to become familiar with your target market.


Creating a unique strategy that is tailored specifically to your company and its goals gives us the opportunity to incorporate the creative edge needed to make sure you stand out amongst the rest.


After assessing your needs it is now time to get the ball rolling. We work hard to make sure we drive bottom-line results by offering our full range of public relations services. Including but not limited to editorial services, media relations, consulting, social media strategies and execution, event planning and PR and much more. Our comprehensive public relations experience can be tailored to fit any PR situation big or small.


  • Press Kit Creation
  • Public Relations and Media Outreach
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Event Planning
  • Sponsorships
  • Product Placement
  • Red Carpets

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